V for Vendetta (2005)

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves, Stephen Rea
A shadowy freedom fighter known only as 'V' uses guerrilla tactics to fight against his terrorist, totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.
Visually stunning and thought-provoking, V For Vendetta's political pronouncements may rile some, but its story and impressive set pieces will nevertheless entertain.
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Truly Unique9/10
There are some that will, upon seeing this film, say that it was akin to Andrew Lloyd Weber attempting to make a political statement: overly dramatic. These people would be well served to remember that the symbol of drama is a mask, which certainly begs one important question- Why, if you are so put off by an overtly dramatic motion picture, would you choose to see a movie that stars as the (anti)hero a man in a mask? I just saw this film at an advanced screening and I must say it is nothing short of uniquely brilliant. Entertaining from the start, V manages to combine a strong socio-political message in a compact and highly intense experience. Infused with issues and concepts that pervade in the global political climate of our times, this movie is endowed with a tremendous timely relevance that belies its trappings as a mere action adventure.

The acting, the cinematography, the effects, and the general vision of this film all lead me to believe that it will likely receive a cult following. It is only my hope that the message of this film will come to summarize the history of our future ascendancy to true liberty.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. In the meantime, go see this movie.
An amazing feat of Cinema10/10
"Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."

I've never read the graphic novel, but I don't think you need to read it to appreciate the movie. I saw the film last night at it's World Premiere at the Berlin International Film festival. Though it became a little weighty in the middle (one part seemed to drag a little) other than that it was a great experience. The story was so topical that I got seriously emotional during a lot of parts. Weaving did an excellent job with the mysterious title character "V", creating a poetic, intelligent, and compassionate yet ruthless character. Portman always seems to surprise me, except with her Star Wars character. She portrays tremendous emotional range and transforms completely throughout the movie. This is one of those movies that really sticks in your head long after you watch it though... and it continues to stir and grow.
I have only one thing to say, AMAZING!!10/10
I saw this movie yes today here in Denmark, and i didn't know what to
expect, because i haven't heard of the V or read the Comics from
publisher DC comics.

But was i in for a BIG treat, this movie is so superbly acted by all
the actors, especially Natalie Portman performed according to me to an
Oscar nomination next year.

The movie is perfectly put together, so if you haven't read the comics
you will be on the edge of you seat the whole movie. Its really that
good folks.

And lastly, the visual effects is fantastic, and the action scenes is
nothing but spectacular.

Watch this movie :-).
Utterly Spectacular!5/10
I was a fan of the "V for Vendetta" graphic novel, and Alan Moore disinheriting the film was a bit discouraging. But he's always been a little crazy. The film version is everything I could have possibly hoped for - gripping, chilling, intense, exciting, heartbreaking. It gets Moore's music if not his exact words; elements are slightly different, subplots removed. But the idea - as V himself would be so proud to say - remains the same.

The plot is surprisingly complex and nuanced, and I don't want to give anything more away than the previews already have. Suffice it to say that a masked anarchist (voiced by Hugo Weaving) must save a young woman (Natalie Portman) during his attempt to expose corruption in the government. Weaving is perfectly cast, using his formidable physicality and imposing voice to give gravitas to the insanity of the character. Portman has gone from child to teen star and is finally emerging as a talented, adult actress following her Oscar-nominated turn in "Closer". Here, she gives her best performance to date as the orphan Evey. John Hurt is characteristically impressive as the enigmatic government leader, and Stephen Rea gives a wonderful supporting turn as the police inspector charged with finding V - before it's too late.

The Wachowski Brothers' former protege, James McTiegue, takes on the directing duties here and helms an enormously impressive first feature, using every trick in the book in a manner reminiscent of his mentors' breakout hit "The Matrix". Unlike "The Matrix", McTiegue allows the story to be more of a focus than the action, and as a result the film is a tense and emotional thriller, with outbursts of spectacularly filmed and choreographed action. Showing more maturity and restraint than the Wachowskis, McTiegue doesn't show off, and his trickery isn't self conscious. When slow-motion overtakes a late action sequence, it seems as natural as breathing. The late cinematographer Adrian Biddle (the film is dedicated to his memory) does an outstanding job, Oscar-nominated Dario Marianelli's score is a fantastic accompaniment to the piece, and the visual effects are astonishing, terrifying, and deeply moving, especially in the climatic moments in Trafalgar Square.

With solid acting, great action, and fantastic technical wizardry, it sounds just like another "Matrix"-style ripoff. But the biggest difference in "V" is that it is a story of real ideas - not a fantastic, science fiction creation, but a genuine examination of the human condition. The power of fear takes center stage here - the fear of war, of disease, of famine. Fear is a basic human nature, and has been exploited as a weapon - a method of control - for centuries. And for those who would use it, a masked man waits in the shadows to carry out your sentence. The verdict? Vengeance. "V for Vendetta" is a must-see.

A Bloody Masterpiece!10/10
I am speechless. I just came back from the theatre, where I watched 'V for Vendetta'. There are three main elements in the movie and it excels on all three of them.

First off the dialogues and script. Intense, witty, honest but not patronising, intelligent but not pretentious. That's the first level at which the movie surprises you. You don't except such high level of script from an action movie. But it is slowly revealed to the audience that V for Vendetta is not just an action movie. The story is filled with current events and has a definite strong political sense.

Secondly Hugo Weaving's performance. It is definitely what grabs you from the start. He delivers some of the hardest lines with incredible charisma. His performance shines throughout the movie and honestly he sounds as good as any of the best actors out there. He should be nominated for an academy award.

Finally the visual part. Incredible, yet no "Matrix" effects used. Everything looks beautiful, dark yet vibrant. The cinematography is top notch. The final battle scene brought tears to my eyes.

Do not miss 'V for Vendetta'. It's one of the best movies of all time, an eternal classic.