Vengeance (2004)

Action, Drama, Crime
Danny Romo, Raul Julia-Levy, Damon Whitaker, Lorenzo De La Cruz
Based on the true story of an old school Latino Hitman who goes through rehab and repentance after a near death experience, but is forced to fall back into his old ways when his daughter is killed by her jealous boyfriend.
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  • Joseph Marino (screenplay), Daniel Zirilli (screen Writer:
  • Daniel Zirilli Director:
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This movie portrays how futile and destructive vengeance can be.8/10

This review contains some information about the plot, `spoilers'.

Because it explores some very strong emotions and the battles with addictions (of all types) many of us face, "Vengeance" is a very intense movie! While this story involves `gangbangers' and drug pushers, the emotion of anger leading to the deep desire to get revenge is an emotion all of us, in all stations of life, must deal with. This movie portrays how futile and destructive vengeance can be.

A very strong performance is given by Danny Romo, as Danny Pinero, an assassin who survives a near fatal shooting. Having experienced a `near death' experience, Danny turns to Christian religious conversion and completely kicks his drug habit. However, he still is driven to vengeance when his beloved daughter, Danielle, played by Erlinda Orozco, is murdered by her abusive boyfriend, Alexandro, menacingly well portrayed by Lorenzo De La Cruz. Raul Julia, Jr. plays Detective Marin, who is instrumental in Danny's recovery from drug addiction.

I look forward to seeing this movie again when it comes out in video. Watch for the cute female paramedic, played by Paras Alexandria.
Wow, who is Erlinda Orozco?10/10

Wow, imagine me going to Blockbuster and going just randomly running into a movie, the movie itself was OK, the acting was good and the storyline is the regular killing up and shootem up Cinemax style movie night movie. The story is about a girl from the rough neighborhood that and the story behind her life and her fathers life who is a killer for hire, but is trying to change what he is doing. All i have to say is there is a standout in the entire move, an actress woman Erlinda Orozco, this woman is just straight up stunning and wow can she act or what, her performance was just a standout performance even though everyone else is good too, can anyone who reads this tell me any info about her. She is gonna be a Superstar i want to find out more.
I purchased the DVD on the day it was released5/10

I purchased the DVD on it's Day of Release. I was very pleased with the performances of the Cast and Crew involved. The story was interesting, a lot of the Independent movies that are out there, basically have the same content. This movie was different, you think you know what's going to happen next, then the movie goes another direction. You can't even predict what happens next. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to get something out of a movie. There's a message, and it leaves you thinking. The DVD also has behind the scenes, and interviews with the cast and everyone involved. It was well put together. The cast members are unique, Danny Romo gave a great performance. Daniel Zirilli needs to be recognized for his work and imagination. There are some intense moments that hit your soul, and there are some moments when you have to smile, it has a little humor. From beginning to end action and emotions. The part with the paramedic scene got my attention, when Anthony Rodriguez took over driving the Ambulance his expressions and personality came across the screen. Check out the movie you won't be disappointed. Lisa Navarrette
Good acting and cinematography9/10
My girlfriend and I saw this movie at a friend's house. We probably would not have picked this movie out because of the violence, but it was a great movie. To watch the lead demonstrate his ability to show the gamut of emotions was touching to say the least. I want to know more about this story. It would obviously have to be in a prequel. Some of the scenery was gorgeous. What a contrast with the gutsiness of the plot. It moved with great velocity. I would like to see more from these writers. There is a realism that is not often seen in film these days. The twists and turns in the story were so surprising,but seemed to be very sensible once divulged. "Oh yeah, why didn't I see that coming!" it is definitely worth the rent.
Good Story line that was well directed10/10
This is a story about the struggle of a man to let good prevail over the evil in his life.

Without giving away the story, here are a few observations of "Vengeance" from my viewpoint.

The cast was terrific. Danny Romo (the main character) is excellent. He plays a wide range of emotions in the film. From the worst bad guy to a caring father. He makes the transitions from bad guy to good guy believable. He connects well with all of the characters especially his daughter in the film, Erlinda Orozco. Raul Julia, Jr and Damon Whitaker also are very convincing in their roles.

One of the best scenes is when Romo learns of some tragic news. He is very believable with his emotions.

What makes a movie good for me is if it can "jump" from the screen and capture my attention.

One thing that has always annoyed me about some film critics is they forget to ask the most vital question, was the film entertaining.

"Vengeance" was very entertaining and real for me.

What brings about a good film is the screenplay. But if you do not have a good director the project is doomed.

"Vengeance" director, Daniel Zirilli, did an excellent job bringing the script to life. The storyline is easy to follow because of the direction this film has.

Many years ago I wrote a column reviewing music. I wrote about the songs of course, but I would also delve into the quality of the production. This can make or break a record. The same is true of films. "Vengeance" was good and entertaining because Zirilli brought it all together. He brought it to life.

I would highly recommend "Vengeance", a good story with a good message with terrific actors brought together by a great director.

Happy Viewing, Bill Shaffer