2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Action, Crime, Thriller
Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Cole Hauser, Eva Mendes
Brian O'Conner and childhood friend Roman Pearce are re-united by the FBI to bring down a Miami drug exporter in exchange for clear records.
Beautiful people and beautiful cars in a movie that won't tax the brain cells.
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  • 06 Jun 2003 Released:
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  • $127.1M Box office:

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Multi-ethnic cast goes vroom, vroom, vroooooommmm5/10


"2 Fast 2 Furious" is the embodiment of modern action movie formulas. PG-13. Rap music blasting. Multi-ethnic cast. This flick could play in any corner of the globe and would surely appeal to someone. They set it in Miami which is one of the most heavily mixed cities in America. You have a white guy as the star who is best friends with a black guy. Classic. Then they have them follow around a beautiful Latin woman as a potential love interest. Great. They even threw in a hot Asian girl who had no other function than to be a hot Asian girl. I loved her car readout monitor too. It looked like an angry "Hello Kitty!".

So "2 Fast 2 Furious" is right off the cookie cutter Hollywood action flick assembly line. People love seeing other people who look just like them in movies. So dang it, put them all in! Soon Hollywood will break down barriers in India and China, (one billion potential movie ticket buyers in each country people!), and we can get a Bombay set action movie starring some white action hero and his lovable sidekick from the Kashmir valley. Oh and throw in Suki from this flick for the love interest. Cha-ching.

As far as the racing scenes go, "2 Fast 2 Furious" is pretty good. The speedometers got more close-ups than some of the cast members. Actually the cars probably should have gotten credited in the cast as well. There seems to be one way to do a racing scene: Close-ups on the drivers eyes, then on the speedometer as it goes up and up, then to the cars zipping by, then repeat from step one.

As a movie, "2 Fast 2 Furious" gets a little more ridiculous as it goes on. There's only so many cars racing by I can watch and still say cool. It probably lasted as long as it could before dipping into vroom vroom tedium.

Slow acting, slow action1/10

Having seen and enjoyed the first movie I had moderate hope for this one but it looks like yet another sequel that should never have been made. It's impossible to know just how bad the acting was as dialog was contrived and uncomfortable and probably wouldn't have sounded natural from even the best speakers. However, bad acting is bad acting and this was certainly about as bad as it comes. The one exception to this was ludacris who was suprisingly enjoyable while on screen but those times were too short and too far between. All of this could easily have been forgiven though if the action measured up. After all, this isn't hamlet right? Unfortunately "2 fast" fell short here as well unless one likes seeing gear shifts, speed-o needles, and mechanically impossible driving sequences. In the year of the matrix, the hulk, and later return of the king this one simply wont measure up to it's competition and in the lexicon of exciting driving movies (Fast and the Furious, Blue Brothers, Gone in Sixty Seconds, etc.) it doesn't even deserve mention.

************** Spoilers *****************

What really irks me are the incredibly fake driving sequences. You don't need to know much about cars to know that you can't drive at freeway speeds in reverse, most care are geared even lower in reverse than in first. HEAVY duty swerving as seen in the opening race scenes can't be done at anything higher than 40 (try it sometime but don't sue me when you roll it or fishtail right off the road). Star Wars type light speed effects don't happen at 80 miles an hour (or even 120) regardless of what you're dumping into your engine. In the final scene you see the speed-o creep past 90, 100, 110, 120 all to barely eek past a boat that wouldn't be capable of speeds greater than 25 or so. The one and only interesting stunt is the well done truck scene which is shown in it's entirety (yes, it's only about 10 seconds) during the previews.
Is this a sequel ?7/10
I don't think this movie deserves to be called a sequel to "The Fast and the Furious",not because it is a bad movie,it is great and it does not fail to entertain most of the public,but for those who really liked the first one,this one is not a sequel.The first was very original,its conflicts were original,the movie was really about cars,and driving,and street racing,this one,in the other hand,presents us conflicts that we have seen for the last decades,the police couple that don't like each other,and at the end of the movie they finish kissing and hugging each other,the guy that falls in love with a woman that could make him fail his mission,the guy that has a drug empire in Miami,and pretends to become more powerful,the police that's trying to stop him,this are most of the conflicts we see in this movie,and we have seen in other movies,so it's not original.The Fast and the Furious was very original with great conflicts,it wasn't as fun as "its sequel",but it was awesome as well.But I think that this is the reason why this movie was released in the summer,to make critics say "well,is not original it has some cars stunts that are hard to believe,but is a summer movie,what the hell".I also did not like the decision of the director of making the movie in Miami because usually the backgrounds of street racing are nocturnes,Miami is usually more popular on daylight,street racing is usually on high ways in big cities like New York or Los Angeles,but it is clear that the director was just trying to make the movie more attractive to the summer-movie lovers because a lot of people identifies Miami with summer.This movie is more like a cop movie than a street racing movie,you can notice how hard is for the writers to make a space for races,and how easy is for the writers to find space for those things that usually a cop has to deal with.Is not a bad movie,but it is not original,and it cant be called a sequel.
I hate to say it but...5/10

I am going to anyway. This movie was nowhere near as good as the original. Without the camaraderie between characters that existed between Turetto and his gang, all we had was the same movie, only now there are two undercover brothers and a really "bad" guy. There was a lot of potential here to create something great, but I don't think it was achieved. Then again, if all you're after is some fast driving, and no-brain action, you'll probably LOVE this movie! I don't even care for Vin Diesel all that much, but his presence was sorely missed here!
2 Lame 2 Watch3/10

Lordy Lord! Another crap sequel from the Hollywood stable of rubbish rehashes. I had low expectations of this movie....it doesn't have Vin Diesel in it for a start. But what I got was a collection of wooden actors and cheesy lines, interspersed with "race" sequences that made me laugh a lot. I
should have realised it was going to be dire literally from the get-go. The Universal logo mutates into a chrome-plated wheel in the most irritatingly ludicrous manner. Spoilers ahead.

So what is so horrible about this film? For a start the acting sucks worse than a Dyson. The opening race meet scene had me cringing in my seat, hoping it would get better. It didn't. Then there's the plot, or lack of one. Let's rehash the first film and nobody'll notice. Bah!

The scripting is awful. The hero's buddy (name escapes me due to disinterest) actually steals something from a supposed drug-baron (again not sure if he was a drug-baron, was fighting the urge to read the paper at the time) whilst the latter is offering him a job. Come on! That makes about as much sense as ....well....nothing! You just would not do that, unless you were the world's most retarded individual. Sadly, his character survives the movie. Then there's the villain's two goons, who come across as stereotypical thick grunts who haven't had an original thought between them for years. Tiresomely predictable.

The cars all look like they've escaped from a Scalextric set, with the exception of the hero's racer, which has had the "mobile tanning salon" upgrade. Damn, but he's gonna get skin cancer and cattaracts if he continues to drive that! Then you have to wonder just what sort of engine can accelerate a car from 0-80 in gasp!, only 20 seconds! Such speed! G-Forces pulling.....can't continue.....review.....must hit....brake! Yep, I could take my old Vauxhall Vectra out and give these machines a run for their money! Twenty seconds....sheeeshh!

The crowning hilarity regarding the race scenes was that a) the cars apparently needed nitrous to reach 100mph, and b) When they hit the nitro the cars went into hyperspace. I'm serious! Everything blurred and streaked past. Everytime it happened I kept expecting to see Chewbacca pop up from the back, waving a wrench and going "Whoooaarrhg!" Give me a break! I have to say this had me in stitches every time it happened but I'm surprised they didn't resort to burning tire-tracks a la Back to the Future as well. So lame.

Another annoying fact is that Hollywood seems to think that 80mph is fast and 100mph only reachable by real racer types. Obviously they've never been on any British motorway. And our hero clocked 150mph in his death-defying leap off a bridge. It would all perhaps seem more impressive than it was, if the streets were narrower, or you actually cared about any of the characters. Or that a motorcyclist wasn't clocked on the M1 doing 157 mph. And he didn't even have R2D2 on the back, much less Chewie.

So, underwhelmed would be the best word to sum up this film. The racing isn't exciting, the acting is bad and the plot is some Miami Vice reworking with incredulous bits thrown in for bad measure. All in all, a better name for this film might have been "The Dull and the Repetitive"