Full Frontal (2002)

Comedy, Romance
David Duchovny, Nicky Katt, Catherine Keener, Mary McCormack
A day in the life of a group of men and women in Hollywood, in the hours leading up to a friend's birthday party.
An confusing movie made worse by the poor camera work.
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  • 20 Sep 2002 Released:
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Experiment gone awry5/10

This is an exercise from Steven Soderberg and that's all it is. You sit through an hour and a half of conversations that normally entitle "you know" at the beginning and end of every sentence to try and make the "film" more real. It juxtaposes two "films"..one containing Francesca(Julia Roberts) and Calvin(Blair Underwood)(this filmed in 35 mm)as Catherine and Nicholas talking about a black actor's status in "white hollywood".This leads to Calvin being opposite Brad Pitt(playing himself)in a film directed by David Fincher. This film,come to find out is in turn a doc directed by a man who's face is covered by a block(it's Soderberg). The "real film" (which is lensed in digital)contains Calvin and Francesca as well as other characters and their lives in Los Angeles. The film's ending totally popped my already deflating balloon and showed that my time and patience was wasted. The dialogue meanders trying to show real people talking about real things. I thought it was a hollywood insiders film cared only by those who are hollywood insiders. I thought the characters never had direction and were simply annoying. There were moments it looked like the film might go somewhere,but unfortunately it gets bogged down with that "phony film" keeps coming into the middle of the "real" movie. I just sat there trying not to collapse in my desire to turn the dvd off. Oh well,I'm done with this review,but if you watch this wasteland of wasted time beware..I warned you. BOMB/*****
A Huge Waste of Talented People3/10

`Full Frontal' is maybe my greatest deception this year. Directed by Steven Soderbergh and having such a cast, I would not believe that the film could be such a crap. There are lots of characters, but none of them is well developed. Therefore, the viewer sees many famous actors and actresses on the screen and is not able to understand who they are, what are their motives, where they are. The plot is very confused, and some actors and actresses perform more than one role. The image and photography are horrible, using a kind of fake Dogma '95 style. I do not know how such talented people could be part of such a mess: friendship or big money? Anyway, a huge waste of talented people and of my time and money, in a film that never works. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): `Full Frontal'
My honest opinions, they don't have to be yours.9/10

I found Full Frontal to be a rejuvenating film. I am so use to seeing films that are so structured and plot is thrown at you, with this film I didn't know what was going to happen next. I went in to the viewing of this without knowing what to expect, I can say I didn't have high expectations about it. I didn't let the knowledge of Steven Soderbergh as a director influence how I began watching it. I went in with an open mind and I think you really need to in order to get the ideas presented. This film took a risk by using well known actors, brilliant actors, making the public believe that this would be a film like all of the others. For me, it was great to see the versatility. I was glad that there was some true acting going on, there was an enormous amount of truth coming from each artist on the screen. To see truth and honesty and open hearts on screen allowed me to really embrace this film. Some people may say they disliked it because they didn't have any sympathy for any of the characters, well I think that it doesn't really matter if you do or not. This film was a day in the life of people who are all in some way intertwined and are all brought together for a brief moment. I feel that it is trying to portray the truth of each person and if that was the idea, Steven accomplished something great. I have only rented it but I intend to go out and buy it. It is a good resource for actors searching for what truth honestly looks like on screen. Full Frontal is a good exposure of the soul really bringing each characters truth out in to the open.
I loved it8/10
I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed FULL FRONTAL. I'm not a big Steven Soderbergh fan and only heard bad things about this film so when I rented it, I was expecting more of Soderbergh's pointless films, like KAFKA, and instead was totally engrossed with the movie, the characters and mostly the hypnotic style and direction. Aside from the ending (the party scenes) and the unconvincing storyline with David Hyde Pierce, I liked everything else. I was mesmerized from beginning to end.

The great thing is how quiet this movie is. Movies are so noisy these days, mostly in order to numb people's mind to hide the fact they don't have anything more than visuals, watching FULL FRONTAL was like a cinematic vacation.

Beautifully shot, clever and at times engrossing (the Catherine keener storyline was my favorite). It's sad to see few people "got " this film.
Explores New Ground5/10

Director Steven Soderbergh calls Full Frontal the unofficial sequel to Sex Lies and Videotape, his groundbreaking 1989 film. Most everyone else has called it a mess, or useless waste of time. One prominent American critic even suggested this might be the worst film ever by a major director. I can't say I agree with the harsh criticism. While I'm not exactly sure what the movie is about, and vast passages of it simply do not work, I do think it is a film with great passion and energy. Soderbergh has left behind the slickness of Ocean's 11 and Erin Brockovich and made an experimental film that bristles with inventiveness. Not everything works, but there are several nice performances, particularly by David Hyde Pierce and Catherine Keener and I enjoyed watching an A-list director stray from the tried and true and explore rockier ground.