Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Samuel L. Jackson
After three years of fighting in the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker falls prey to the Sith Lord's lies and makes an enemy of the Jedi and those he loves, concluding his journey to the Dark Side.
This sixth and final installment of George Lucas' epic space opera will please die-hard fanatics and non-believers alike -- largely due to awesome digital effects and the sheer power of the mythology.
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  • 19 May 2005 Released:
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It's OK to be a STAR WARS fan again.9/10
For several years now, it's been a rather uneasy proposition to be known as a STAR WARS fan. First, we had to put up with the great embarrassment of the clownish Jar Jar and the gut wrenching "acting" from the muppet known as Jake Lloyd in PHANTOM MENACE. Then came the laughably stilted dialog and the clumsily told love story from ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Fans far and wide were wondering what George Lucas had done to their beloved STAR WARS franchise! Something that once was so rollicking and without peer was being transformed into kiddie-pandering, muppet populated, CGI over-loaded dreck!

Mr. Lucas, all is forgiven. Welcome back. REVENGE OF THE SITH is the prequel installment we've been hoping for all along. Gone is the overly wooden acting and the ridiculously petrified dialog. In there place is a logical and believable storyline. Anakin's transformation is inexorably sensible. It is natural and not forced into shape by wooden dialog. Scenes between Anakin and Padme, are heartfelt and honest- a far cry from their nearly unwatchable scenes in ATTACK OF THE CLONES.

The same can be said of scenes between Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor is legitimately great in this film. He gives Kenobi real depth and the viewer thoroughly believes that he grows up to become Alec Guiness). There exists a real bond of deep feeling the viewer can feel between master and apprentice thus making Anakin's fate all the more tragic, as he slowly becomes more and more entangled in Palpatine's (Ian McDiarmid, in a joyfully malevolent turn) web of deception and evil.

Visuals have never been an issue in the prequel films and this is most certainly the case with REVENGE OF THE SITH. The opening sequence is a jaw-dropping collage of ships in movement, dazzling colors, and frenetic combat. Additionally, the technology used to create Yoda seems to have grown exponentially over the already impressive wizardry used to animate Yoda in CLONES. Front to back, the vistas Lucas shows us are entirely believable and staggering joys to behold.

George Lucas goes right for the jugular in this film (the PG-13 rating is well earned! Parents be advised!!). This is a very well-told story of a fall from grace told in an unflinching manner. And yet, the hope for the future is so firmly in place as this film rolls to an end, a tear will roll down your cheek if you've lived with this series of films as long as I have. STAR WARS is back. It's cool to be a fan again.
Story + Special Effects = Success!9/10
(No Spoilers!) Excitedly submitting my comments two weeks prior to the opening of the film (after a preview screening at the Ziegfeld Theater), I am thrilled to add to what appears to be a growing wave of positive reaction to Lucas's effort in Episode III. As a life-long fan deeply caught in a love hate relationship with Episodes I and II, I cautiously awaited this final installment. I felt in my heart that this would be a great film, but feared that somehow I would again be disappointed. Maybe I was starting to succumb to the notion that I no longer had the spirit of that six year old boy who was mesmerized by the original Star Wars, long ago in 1977 at that far away NJ theater. Maybe.

From the opening 20th Century Fox logo, the movie hits the ground running, proving once again the CGI capabilities of ILM and the thrills they inspire. However, unlike the first two films, where spectacular effects were layered upon complicated, contrived and sometimes dramatically vacant scenes executed with some of the worst performances in memory, there is solid story telling here. And that's the difference.

The drama builds steadily in the first act before hitting light speed with a combination of excitement, dread, intrigue and pain. This strong dramatic spark ignites the entire cast, helping them turn in what are easily their best performances of the three films. When you have a script with this kind of thump and talented actors, the result is fun to watch. And for once, perhaps most importantly, the special effects serve the script, not the other way around.

Anakin's internal struggle, present from frame one, quickly consumes him, catapulting the film towards its inevitable conclusion. While its no surprise that the film ends on a desperate note, there does remain a glimmer of possibility as the story segues into the aptly titled classic "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope". It's thought provoking and inspiring.

It's also worth noting that as advertised the film is dark, makes no apologies, and is much less child friendly then the others. All pluses in my opinion.

The final result with "Revenge" is a complete film that I will never forget, a somewhat renewed perspective on what Lucas was going for with Episodes I and II, and assurances that that little boy inside me is still there, popcorn in hand, ready for a good movie.
Thank you Mr. Lucas for utterly destroying "Star Wars"2/10
It is always sad to watch potential die. This film, this story had it
all. It could have been the greatest of them all. The heartbreaking
tragedy of the man who gave up his name Anakin Skywalker to become
Darth Vader. Instead we were given, crap. This is why: (contains

The first problem is that since the first two movies were boring and
nothing really happened, everything has to happen now. So we've got
approx. 4 hours of plot to be shown in 2 hours.

The space battle: Mr. Lucas does only care about one thing, his
need to show the world how great the guys in ILM are to create
special effects. So what we see is 5 or 10 minutes commercial. And let
us add some cheesy dialog for Ewan and Hayden so everybody will know
it's actually a movie. Because it's not exciting, it's not amazing,
it's impossible to get an overview what's going on, it's just light
flashing and speakers trying to make the loudest BOOM-sound.

"Oops here comes Dooku that I for some reason didn't kill off in the
last flick. Well let him fight for three minutes, say some cheesy lines
and then die." And Lucas or Hayden, you made me believe Anakin killing
Dooku would be the first step on his path towards the dark side. That
he would be torn apart by agony of his action and the inevitable
satisfaction of letting go of his hate. None of this happens. Anakin
says something like "Oh perhaps I shouldn't have killed him lalalala,
well, well, nobody's perfect". So Dooku is dead. But hold on we've got
another villain, General Grievous. Darth Maul was underused. It's even
worse with Grievous only he's not cool. The idea of the mix between
droid and alien is great, however nothing of this is revealed. Grievous
is just another stupid villain. And the actor that provided his voice
for him should seriously think about changing professional.

"Sh*t, I've already spent like 20 minutes of the film; I really need to
make Anakin evil now." So we see some more wannabe-sound-of-music love
scenes where poor, poor Natalie Portman yet again has to fight against
lines and dialog that is absolutely horrible. I pity her, she must
curse the day she signed on Star Wars. Not your fault Natalie, we know
the truth. Yes, Anakin has more nightmares and yes, it is shown in the
same bad way as the last time. And yes, the Jedi council that never
seem to do anything useful, just sit and watch and do nothing (no
wonder you all will die) appears in a few scenes.

"Oh my, I need to make Palpatine subtly persuade Anakin of the pleasure
of the dark side. Should we say like 2 scenes are enough?" Basically
it's just "Anakin join the Dark Side!" "No." "Yes do it." "No." "Yes
come on now." "Okay." No wonder you could not persuade Luke.

"Aah I still have to kill Grievous. Well, well more time for my lovely
fellows of the ILM to show their skills." Let me say that Grievous dies
easier than Maul did and have even less screen time. Rubbish

NOW COMES WHAT BUGGERS ME THE MOST Finally after about 2 minutes of
persuading Anakin, Palpatine reveals himself to be the Sith Lord.
Anakin's life is shattered, everything he believed was in fact a lie.
This is dramatic, this is the purest betrayal. How does he respond?
Something like "Oh really, hmm, I suppose I'd better alert the council"
Either Hayden is the worst actor or Lucas the worst director. Poor
Sidious, I reckon he wanted a better reaction than that. And when
Anakin tells Windu about it, Windu who has dedicated his life to the
Republic and to destroy the Sith? "Palpatine's a Sith Lord, damn, well,
well, I think we need to catch him, you reckon it can be done before
lunch break?" Yoda was humiliated to a mere action figure in AOTC. Here
Palpatine gets the same punishment. The death of Windu is kind of cool
though (thanks Jackson for at least making Lucas fulfill our wishes
concerning that scenes)

Anakin helps Palpatine kill Windu. How does he react? "What have I
done? I'll do anything you want (to Palpatine)" Yes that really does
make sense. Anakin you may have a high level of midi-chlorians (yes
they are mentioned) but your IQ-level is about zero. "I fight for peace
and justice and in order to achieve those I have to kill a bunch of
innocent children." Are you playing stupid games with me or something
Lucas? Which person would think that way? It is not logical, it's
pathetic. Every single scene with Anakin is in some way illogical.

In the end we have the Fight. With mystical dialog and with a tense of
broken friendship and love? No we get "fast-forward" 10 minutes of a
blue blurring light. And yes cuts from when the emperor throws chairs
at Yoda. You read it right.

Poor Natalie is made to say her final cheesy lines and is then allowed
to die.

Darth Vader is awoken; he really doesn't seem to care about anything
save that he screams "no" that is a parody of the

The End

The dream is dead.

Lucas failed us fans, for him showing a 2½ hour commercial of how great
he can make special effects were more important than conveying a
powerful story.

On the night bus home a man clad in Jedi robes wept. We all felt like

This movie could have been everything we could have asked for. In hands
of a better director, with corrections by a real writer, this could
have been a new TESB. Now we were watching a fallen hero. Not Anakin.
A movie to bring balance to the two Trilogies...10/10
I personally am more of a fan of the original trilogy than what I have been of the prequels. Although I did enjoy TPM, and AOTC, they definitely were not as well done as A New Hope or Empire. I think the general criticisms of the first two prequels was lack of good story, and poor acting. First I would like to say that the acting is much better in Revenge of the Sith than the first two prequels, but what truly stood out in this movie was the story. It was delivered perfectly, for the first time since Empire, Lucas connected emotionally with his audience. The last hour of the movie was especially powerful. Although probably not planned, I think this movie will be the bridge that brings the old star wars sheep back into the fold. Just as Anakin eventually brings balance to the force, Revenge of the Sith will bring balance back to the Star Wars Universe. And judging by the reaction of the test audience I was part of, everyone I was with feels the same way, no one left their seat for at least a couple minutes after the movie ended.
Lucas Redeemed!9/10
When I asked the reviewer sitting next to me to sum up Revenge of the Sith, he simply said "great!" That seemed to basically be the consensus of virtually everyone in attendance at an advance press screening of the final chapter in the Star Wars saga.

There was an exuberant mood leaving the theater, as if everyone was in collective agreement that Lucas had finally done it. That he had gone out on top, with a stunning, rock-solid coup de grace. And from all the feedback I've heard from that screening, my sense of that collective mood was right.

There are no real spoilers in ROTS. Everyone basically knows what happens in Episode 4: A New Hope. We all know Anakin becomes Vader. We know Obi Wan lives and we know Luke and Leia are born. What we don't know is how Lucas weaves those story lines into the large, six-part opus and better yet, why?

No, it's not a perfect movie. There are those moments that make us cringe. Bad dialog and High School drama class acting make for a few awkward moments where you can hear audible moans and giggles in the audience, but we have come to expect this from modern Star Wars films. The upside is that these moments are rare in Episode III.

OK, get ready. Take a deep breath. No Jar Jar! Yes, you read that right. You can let out that deep breath now.

Fortunately, we have one savior to rely on for stellar acting. Mr. Ian McDiarmid as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. McDiarmid brings the elegance of an Alec Guiness back to the franchise in a knockout performance that leaves the audience riveted and exhausted. He is the lifeblood of the film.

As someone who saw the original 30 times in it's first month of release at the age of 13, I currently consider myself a Star Wars moderate. I don't have volumes of SW merchandise, nor can I debate whether or not carbonite contains enough oxygen to make it float. All I know is that magical feeling Star Wars gave me in the original 1977 release and that I'm happy to say, after a disappointing pair of prequels, has been finally restored and reinvigorated.

Here's to Mr. Lucas for giving us all something spectacular to remember for our entire lives that embodies the whole point of going to the movies in the first place, to escape and lose ourselves in another world.