The Green Mile (1999)

Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt
The lives of guards on Death Row are affected by one of their charges: a black man accused of child murder and rape, yet who has a mysterious gift.
Though The Green Mile is long, critics say it's an absorbing, emotionally powerful experience.
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Film was invented for creations like this.10/10

The Green Mile is a masterwork. This is film as art, at it's very best. The depth of the cast is extraordinary, with all of the players delivering excellent performances. There is a clear sense here that all involved in the production knew that this was something special, and gave it their all. See this film if you truly enjoy actors giving everything to their craft. Watch for the countless subtleties of expression, and the great power that the cast creates with silence. This is evident in the opening sequence and remains throughout. Above all, Michael Duncan as John Coffey is exceptional. He brings gripping emotion to a unique, fascinating character.

The Green Mile should bring you joy, laughter, and if you are like most in the theater this night, tears.


A rare gem of casting and direction.10/10

Frank Darabont returns to the directors chair with another adaptation of Stephen Kings novel. The events take place at a death row, the guards call the green mile. The story is a layered, rather character-driven fantasy tale of the events that transpire at "the mile" after the arrival of a giant man, John Coffey (Michael Duncan), convicted of the murder of two small girls. Actually this is not one single story, but several tied together seamlessly.

A character-driven movie requires a lot from the cast, and fortunately when it comes to cast, The Green Mile delivers. As the poster of the movie tells, this movie stars Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb, senior prison guard of the mile, and as always he performs very well indeed. Yet the cast around him is even more spectacular, perhaps partially due to them being relatively unknown. With a face you know, one inevitably remembers previous performances, and the new role is coloured by this. Doug Hutchison as Percy Wetmore, a mean spirited prison guard was particularly impressive, yet his character could have been given more depth. The most captivating was the performance of Michael Duncan.

It is hard to find a flaw in this movie. The camerawork is superb, cast wonderful and direction flawless. The movie's considerable length, a bit over three hours, is something that had me worried. Yet the marvellous cast and the peaceful yet firm pace of the movie held my attention progressively through the three hours right to the touching culmination. Many will find this movie to be too long, but I for one was delighted of the style, combination of simplicity of events and depth of characters and conversation.

All in all the The Green Mile is a very touching drama, with the joys and sorrows of the life pictured with great skill, if not the best movie of the year. Five out of five.
A one of a kind classic10/10

This movie is a real gem. It is hard to find fault with it. Hanks is excellent in a role that clearly calls for him to suppress his natural slant toward humor. He is Paul Edgecomb; Tom Hanks is nowhere to be found. Yet he gives Edgecomb just the right flavor. One cannot find a single weak cast member! Michael Jeter should have got an Oscar. Michael Clark Duncan put just the right shading on his huge character to make him vulnerable and sympathetic.

Flawlessly shot on perfect period sets, the whole production binds together to bring the extraordinary story into the realm of a believable and compelling study of human injustice and charity.
As wonderful as the book!10/10

"The Green Mile" is one of my favorite Stephen King books and I have read it several times. I was anxiously anticipating the film version, but was concerned that the emotional impact of the book could not be replicated on screen. Fortunately this wonderful story was adapted by Frank Darabont, who did such a magnificent job bringing King's "Shawshank Redemption" to the screen. He does the same high quality work with "The Green Mile". The story is faithful to the book, only losing details that were not important to the story anyway. The casting is superb - every actor is perfectly suited for his role and does an excellent job, although I would like to single out Doug Hutchison. His portrayal of the detestable Percy is right on the mark and suggests complexities in this character I had not discovered in the book. The length is about three hours and it seems that critics are complaining about that. I can't understand the complaints. The film never drags and is never dull, and it certainly didn't feel three hours long. The length is needed to tell this story the way it should be told, and the story is so very engrossing. Best of all, Darabont and the actors bring so much emotion ot the screen, that I cried like a baby through several scenes. "The Green Mile" will haunt you.
True to the book, which is odd for a movie.5/10
Having seen the movie, The Green Mile, and read the novel of the same
name by Stephen King, I am glad to say that the movie stays true to the
book, which in itself is a great read.

I read the book in one setting about a year ago, and after seeing the
movie, I didn't see one scene from the book, or one plot point, left
out. There were a few minor changes from the book but which in no way
detract from either work.

As far as performances, I can imagine many people pointing to Michael
Duncan as John Coffey or Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb as the best
performances of the movie, and they are good, but I would hope that
Michael Jeter would receive recognition for portraying Eduard
Delacroix. He plays Delacroix exactly as I pictured him when I read the

I can very well see why King himself said this is his favorite of the
movies adapted from his novels. It is the only one played out as he had
written it.

I wouldn't compare this movie or the book to (Rita Hayworth and) The
Shawshank Redemption because that would be unfair to both. They are
both great, but are both different. The Green Mile isn't a movie about
hope and friendship, as The Shawshank Redemption was, it is a movie
about a miracle of a man, and the people he affects.

But like The Shawshank Redemption, I give The Green Mile 4 out of 4
stars. Great story, great cast, great look.