The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998)

Animation, Adventure, Family
Matthew Broderick, Neve Campbell, Andy Dick, Robert Guillaume
Simba's daughter is the key to a resolution of a bitter feud between Simba's pride and the outcast pride led by the mate of Scar.
  • 27 Oct 1998 Released:
  • 27 Oct 1998 DVD Release:
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  • Flip Kobler (screenplay), Cindy Marcus (screenplay Writer:
  • Darrell Rooney, Rob LaDuca Director:
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A good sequel for Disney, but it could have been so much more.7/10
When I first saw the original 'The Lion King' in cinemas at the age of four, I'd been hooked. Ever since then, my favorite movie has always been this Disney classic. The sequel came out when I was seven, and for a cheaply made direct-to-video movie, was quite enjoyable to watch. Basically, the story follows on from the original film. To beat the original Lion King would be a near-impossible feat, so when put in perspective, the movie really isn't all that bad. The story is neatly tied in with the original film, with the concept of Scar, the antagonist of the first film, having a family bent on revenge over Simba, the protagonist of the 1st Lion King. The film can be very moving at times, and some songs I even preferred over the original's. However, this movie could have been so much more! Had Disney spent more time on it and released it to cinemas instead of having a direct to video release, this could have easily been just as good as the original. What brought this movie's rating down was the fact the storyline had a lot of unanswered questions - where was this pride int he rpevious movie? Many other gaps fill this film, and are far too vague for the viewer to assume what might have happened.
Why is this Movie Given So Much Crap?10/10
I don't understand why this movie is regarded to as trash. Of course it is not as good as the first movie but it comes pretty stinkin close! The animation is actually equal too the quality of the original movie. I think that it is the most perfect Disney sequel ever! It is a very interesting story that shows Simba as a father. It is cool because you get to see Simba has now become basically, like his father. Every time I see this movie, I can feel that Simba has the same sense of power that Mufasa had. It has a fun and sweet story line and a great ending. When this movie was being made, the goal was to create a sequel to a movie that everyone loves so that they could spend more time with the characters. I think (despite what everyone say's) they created an awesome, spectacular Disney film!
Almost as good as the original, with a brilliant song!8/10
The five main reasons I like this film: 1. The song "We Are One" is a spectacular and I prefer it to all of the songs in the first film! 2. Kiara is a really good character and so is Kovu! I also like Nala in this one, although I prefer her in the last Lion King film. 3. I prefer this one's plot to the one in the first film! I think it's slightly more planned out than the last one's plot. 4. The animation is really good! There's one bit where Kiara and Kovu jump into the air and they animate it so well it looks - spooky! 5. It's a really good sequel for all the fans of the first film! Enjoy! :)

Kiara is the future queen, unfortunately for Simba, she is in love with an outsider, whom she is forbidden to marry. Kovu is also supposed to "follow in Scar's pawprints"...
Most impressive sequel yet.5/10

Simba's Pride may be the first of Disney's sequels with a soundtrack worth purchasing. The music was very good and the art was also most impressive. The only voice I wasn't completely satisfied with was Edward Hibbert as Zazu. Even I could have made a better clone for Rowan Atkinson. The script was somewhat rough, and some of the scenes had some unnecessarily dark undertones, but I still believe this to be the best made sequel yet - thanks largely to some very good songs. Keep it up, Disney!
Not the Mightiest Lion5/10

Being a big fan of the first Lion King, it would take a heck of a sequel to match my appreciation for the first flick. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride doesn't even come close in my eyes, but I don't think Disney was really shooting for that. The story is likeable enough with Simba's daughter, Kiara, growing up and trying to step out of Simba's shadow. She meets an outsider, Kovu who is some sort of descendant or handpicked successor of Simba's nemesis, Scar. Kiara and Kovu hit it off as young cubs but are told by Simba they can't see each other when Simba learns of Kovu's background. In a way it's kind of refreshing to see a flaw in our hero, Simba, as he holds a grudge against Kovu for something Kovu had absolutely no control over. Then again, I wondered where exactly these outside lions came from, as I don't recall seeing a glimpse of them at all in the first LK.

Anyway, Kovu and Kiara grow up and fall in love and that stuff, but Kovu has been taught to hate Simba and the other Prideland lions. I'll stop there, but you get the sense of what the story is like. It's not groundbreaking material, but it's nice enough to keep you and/or the little ones interested. There are some flaws in LK2 that I just couldn't get over. The animation is obviously nowhere near that of the original as it was made from a much smaller budget. That's okay and all, as the story usually trumps visuals, but some effects like the fire scene were pretty bad. The fire just stood out like a sore thumb. I've seen better effects on David Letterman skits!

My next problem with the movie is the voice work. Most of it is done well by the original cast (Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella), but Rowan Atkinson is missed as the neurotic bird, Zazu. I also didn't like the actor who voiced Kovu, Jason Marsden. I don't dislike Jason Marsden personally, but he has done characters in the past that have just annoyed the crap out of me. I actually remember him as Eddie Munster in The Munsters Today. In the new version, Eddie becomes some sort of punk who rebels against his family. That's not the Eddie Munster I knew as a child. Furthermore, he also voiced Goofy's grownup son, Max, in The Goofy Movie. I
liked Max when he was a kid in the TV series, Goof Troop, but as an adolescent, Max was just a whiny, selfish brat. So whenever I hear Jason Marsden's voice, I just get annoyed. It's my own issues, I know.

Now for my last complaint, which is usually the same for any Disney sequel, the music is just not up to par with the original. Elton John and Tim Rice were desperately missed in this movie. Although I will say there was one song that was fairly good, Love Will Find a Way. It's a nice ballad that really can fit in with any Disney feature. It also sounded familiar to me, like maybe I've heard it on the radio. That is just something uncommon with Disney sequels.

I know I've complained a lot, which is sort of hard for me to do, because I
love The Lion King and Disney, but LK2 just isn't my type of flick. I'm very glad to see other reviewers enjoy it though. To each their own, I say!

My IMDb Rating: 5/10. My Yahoo! Grade: C+ (Flawed but Worthy)