Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

Comedy, Crime, Drama
Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Bill Murray, David Caruso
After his life is saved by a lonely cop, a mobster who moonlights as a stand-up comedian provides the cop with a beautiful young companion.
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Surprising casting, great acting, ambiguous message (and that's a good thing).8/10
If you don't like movies that are adequately summarized in a 20 second spot, if you do like to see actors work against stereotypical expectations and do it well, if you don't believe people or endings are all good or all bad and you're OK with that, this might be a movie you will want to add to your collection. DeNiro is doing the expected only in that he is practicing his patented shape shifting technique -- I found his characterization both believable and involving. Murray gives his first great serious performance -- who knew he could be menacing? Uma is hard to figure, in the way conflicted people often really are. David Caruso gives the most out-there performance I have seen from him, and in this movie it works. (I didn't know him in his first TV cop series, but this character is nothing like the one he plays in CSI Miami.) You might even find yourself rethinking what really happened, and liking that, too.
Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

**** (out of 4)

A lonely and wimpy cop (Robert DeNiro) saves the life of a mobster (Bill Murray) so as a thank you gift the mobster gives the cop a thank you present for a week in the form of Glory (Uma Thurman). The two eventually fall in love but since she's still the gangster girl there's going to be a problem with the cop trying to keep her. I still remember when this film was released as it got all sorts of very good reviews but it didn't really catch an audience, which is a real shame but the bigger shame is that it still hasn't become too well known even after fifteen years. To me this is one of the best comedies of the decade and a film that gets better with each new viewing. What makes this comedy so special is that we get two great actors changing their roles and playing the opposite of what we're use to seeing them do. I also think this is one of DeNiro's greatest performance just because of how fun he is here. We're use to seeing him play dark and tormented characters so it's great fun seeing him at the opposite end of the pole and playing a real wimp who really can't do anything right. Murray is downright wonderful in the role of the mobster who wants to be a comic. Murray's comic timing hits all the right notes and he even manages to come off threatening in the scenes where he has to try and rough up DeNiro. Thurman is easy on the eyes and comes off very well. Supporting players David Caruso, Mike Starr, Kathy Baker and Tom Towles also shine in their moments. Starr isn't very well known but he's always been one of my favorite character actors and his brand of comedy adds a lot of great scenes to the film. All of the comedy leads to a wonderful street fight at the end when DeNiro finally snaps and becomes the "Mad Dog", which is a hilarious sequence and in my opinion one of the best street fights in any movie. After seeing DeNiro's character being bullied the entire film, to finally see him snap was very exciting and funny.
It just gets better and better.5/10

I keep on watching this movie and i like it more every time i view it. I am very surprised with Bill Murray's character, it was something diffrent from his usual parts. This movie is a black comedy and it's very very funny in parts, some great performances here too especially from Bill Murray who i never expected to see working with Robert DeNiro. This ones a keeper.
Surprising and beautiful9/10
I love the 3 main actors in this movie. Not one of them plays their type-casted styles here.

Bill Murray is a deep yet fierce mafia type. He runs a tight racket and has no fear of the law. This is exceedingly out of character for a man who has an entire career of comedy. Even his stand-up in the film is more of an homage to his dark character than an allusion to his comic ability. He does it so well I believe him. Bill Murray actually scares me in this film.

Robert De Niro plays a unique role as a cop who ISN'T the hardest thing on the street. My brain almost exploded from the first scene on. He is so lonely and so innocent. He's just a guy living in a sheltered life. That is until Murray takes a shine to him. This is probably the only character De Niro has ever played that I could identify with. I don't fear life the same way he does, but the way he notices all the smallest details, to the point of photographing them.

I think this says it all:

Frank (Murray): That's life huh? F***ing Wayne, give him a hand, he takes the whole arm huh? Come on Wayne, bring her down.

Wayne (De Niro): I love her.

Frank: You love her? I OWN HER!

Uma Thurman plays a very lost and paranoid woman. Her first few scenes in this film she won't stop shaking. I can hardly believe it's her except she's so damn hot. Her spirit alone makes her lovable. As if there will be a day when she can put on a nice dress and walk on the beach with you.

I love this movie. It is reserved to the point of realistic. The supporting actors are deep and become story drivers in their own right, especially David Caruso who plays De Niro's cop friend "No guts, no glory right?" and Mike Starr who plays the world's only non-stereotypical goon "I get paid either way."

I think my ultimate appeal is that it gets the anti-hero, anti-journey concept right where so many bad independent films go wrong. It portrays real people with problems who aren't heroes, but will fight as a last resort. It does in a few seconds with a long stare what whole movies do with drawn out musical sequences and angry albeit meaningless conflicts.
A Real Gem10/10

A terrifically good little film with a slick and funny script, consummate actors allowed to strut their stuff, a tight edit, and a wonderful sort of black humour that had me laughing out loud. Yes, it's fairly predictable, but I didn't mind knowing where it was heading because it was so much fun getting there.

That said, it's not a film for everyone. It's sort of a "Pretty Woman" meets "Fargo". If that combination doesn't appeal, then this film probably won't either. But I thought it was a real gem. Two big thumbs up.