Jurassic Park (1993)

Adventure, Sci-Fi
Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough
During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.
Jurassic Park is a spectacle of special effects and life-like animatronics, with some of Spielberg's best sequences of sustained awe and sheer terror since Jaws.
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  • 11 Jun 1993 Released:
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What can I say? Jurassic Park is one of the most underrated movies ever. Yes, I did say underrated. True, it is the fourth highest grossing movie ever (for the time being) and was a motion picture bible for eight-year-olds across the country, but it has never been regarded as artistically superior. When, in reality, it is one of the most artistically inventive movies ever. It contains all of Spielberg's magical strokes of genius from fantastic art direction and wonderful camera techniques to astounding technical quality (
which comes from his well known control over technology). The minor flaws of a theme park are masterfully embedded into the art direction, script etc. and the acting is superb. This is one of the only movies I've seen with great acting by children. Spielberg's camera usage ranges from foreshadowing the appearance of dinosaurs with extreme up-angles to exquisitely composed scenes of the dinosaurs' "interaction" with the characters. Aside from technical quality, Jurassic Park bears powerful social messages of human intrusion and destruction of natural environment and the self-revering nature of man. Also, it had an undeniable effect on cinema being one of the first movies to use CGI at such a large scale. However, the most ingenious aspect of the film is the portrayal of the dinosaurs as animals rather than ruthless monsters. At many times throughout the movie, the humans are portrayed as antagonists and the respect and appreciation of the dinosaurs is wonderfully developed. And, best of all, like star wars you can analyze the movie all you want or just sit back and enjoy the ride.
A Groundbreaking, Heart Stomping, Dino Sized film9/10
In the year 1993, Hollywood saw something unlike anything else, the film Jurassic Park. Never before 1993 had dinosaurs been so breathtaking and realistic on the silver screen.

The plot is very original. A group of scientists cloned dinosaurs, and are about to open an amusement park where people can see the dinosaurs. The creator John Hammond(Richard Attenborough) invites a group of people, along with his grandchildren, to see the dinos and enjoy a relaxing time at the park. Could anything go wrong, at the time it doesn't seem like it, but something else is going on. Employee Dennis Nedry is planning to steal dinosaur embryos. In order to do this, he causes a security breakdown so he can get the embryos and escape. He isn't the only one that can escape, as hungry dinos also escape. After this, everyone on the island is in danger, and loose dinosaurs are everywhere. That is where the fun in Jurassic Park comes in.

This is an underrated movie according to the IMDb ratings. It isn't even in the top 250. Today, people don't appreciate it as much, mainly due to the fact that other movies like it have been made. Growing up in the 90's, this was one of my favorite movies. As a kid, I only watched it to see the dinosaurs, as I didn't understand a whole lot of it. Today, I realize how great the plotting and suspense are.

This spawned two sequels. The second one wasn't bad, but the third wasn't very good. I would recommend seeing the second after this, but the third is passable.

The story is great, how at first we see how the magic was created, and then later we see the magic turn into a disaster, in which everyone's life is at stake.

The special effects are still good today, but they were revolutionary for back in 1993. The acting is good, and the ensemble cast is great. All of the action sequences are perfectly executed, creating plenty of suspense and tension.

Younger kids may get scared by this, as I remember a lot of young kids being scared by it in 1993. If kids aren't scared by dinosaurs, they will probably enjoy the movie.

I highly recommend Jurassic Park. It is quite underrated in my opinion, it deserves more credit than it gets.

Watch this at all costs if you have somehow missed it and see what everyone was amazed about back in 1993.

One of the greatest films ever made.5/10

I don't know why I loved this movie so much. Maybe it was the utter amazement when I first saw the Brachiosaurus eat from a tree. Or maybe it was my adrenaline rushing when two 12 year old were attacked by velociraptors. It might possibly be the chills that went down my spine when the T-Rex first made his terrifying roar. Whatever it was, it made me write this review.

Allan Grant (Sam Neil) and Ellie (Laura Dern) are two successful paleontologists who are asked by a rich man John Hammond to come at his park for a major tour. They agree and are taken to an island where "Jurassic Park" logos are everywhere. The two paleontologists have no idea what they are getting themselves into. The first dinosaur to make an apearance is the Brachiosaurus, which both of them are extrememly amazed by its giant apearance, and so is the audience. What the two of them don't know is that there are much more terrifying and carnivorous dinosaurs who are about to escape and run loose....

Directed by the mighty Steven Speilberg, Jurassic Park relied on more character development than any other creature-feature. Usually you get second-rate actors who can't act, getting terrified by monsters that don't really exist. Jurassic Park was the opposite. It changed the way we looked at the world, and it will forever. Based on the novel by Micheal Crichton, Jurassic Park was an amazing movie.

From beginning to end, Jurassic Park bedazzled us with dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that are EXTINCT. There are a lot of cool cameos and the stars give great performances. The whole family should watch this movie. Not for the glossy title, but because of the dinosaurs. I remember being a kid when I first watched it, and I remember loving this movie so bad. The climax was excellent, and I am not saying what happens, unlike the sequel to this film (Jurassic Park 3). A climax-less bad film, that was. But this....this was magic. And yes, it was a masterpiece.

The magic of this film is what brought me into dinosaurs, too. I had a "Jurassic Park" marathon today and I watched this movie, and I can still feel the magic. You will feel the magic too once you see it. I just have absolutely nothing to say except that Steven Speilberg will put a spell on you. Even if you don't like creature-features, this movie will entertain you. Steven Speilberg will take you to places that no one else ever will. And the "life will find a way" speech is here, ready to make someone feel that creating dinosaurs that have been extinct for millions of years is a good thing.

Absolutely needless to say, Jurassic Park was a golden diamond.

10/10 (One of the greatest films ever made)
As said, the Definitive blockbuster movie9/10
What can be said about this movie that hasn't already been said? Who knows. We all know that this has some of the greatest special effects, even today. Also, if there's anything that can match the awesome T-Rex, it's the movie's musical score. I swear, listen to it more than once, and you're bound to see the movie yet again, if for that sole reason. It's that powerful. Oh sure, acting isn't this movie's strong suit, but who looks for acting in a Dinosaur thriller? Who?!

Anyway, I think I've made my point. Jurassic Park: One of America's greatest classics. Steven Spielberg created magic with this movie. If you haven't seen it once, you haven't seen it at all.

This was obviously the most sophisticated portrayal of dinosaurs at the time, and it doesn't age a bit. Sam Neill plays Dr Alan Grant, a paleontologist who is persuaded to check out Richard Attenborough's new theme park, only to find that he has managed to clone dinosaurs. There is plenty of action, and the dinos look so real as to be positively scary! Sam Neill puts in his usual incredibly brilliant performance, and you can really believe he is acting with the creatures! Jeff Goldblum as usual seems to play himself, as Professor Ian Malcolm, an expert in chaos theory who is convinced the park is a bad idea. The cast are amazing, the effects are amazing, this whole movie is amazing. It doesn't get any better than this!