Stone Cold (1991)

Action, Crime, Drama
Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen, William Forsythe, Arabella Holzbog
Joe Huff is a tough, go-it-alone cop with a flair for infiltrating dangerous biker gangs. The FBI blackmail Joe into an undercover operation to convict some extremely violent bikers, who ...
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Much better than i thought it would be (worth the 2 hours)6/10
this is a surprisingly entertaining won't win any awards for originality.this plot line has been used several times,sometimes to better effect,sometimes a matter of fact,Charlie Sheen would star in pretty much the same movie,Beyond the Law,one year later(1992).both are comparable efforts.any way,in Stone Cold Brian Bosworth,an ex football player,takes on the role of of the undercover cop.He does a surprisingly admirable's strange that his film career didn't take off,as his acting ability equals(probably surpasses) that of Stallone and Shwarzennegger when they started out.He is certainly better than Van Damme.Lance Henrickson is well cast as the chief bad guy in the film.action abounds in this movie,leaving pretty much no dramatic moments.of course in most movies of this type,there is zero character development,but that can be forgiven in this case.the movie knows what it is and doesn't try to be something it's is pure fun.oh,yeah,i almost forgot.William Forsythe also plays a baddie and is brilliant as always.this is definitely a great way to entertain yourself for 2 hours. 6/10
Boz=2 awesome 4 a shirt!10/10

You haven't seen this much male shirtlessness in a film since Planet of the Apes (1968). Boz struts his bare torso around and you know that was the reason the film was made. That and the thick, beefy one-liners delivered with a total absence of any emotion whatsoever.

Watching this historical nugget of 1991-era sensibilities was like hopping into the Wayback machine set for "LAME", though somehow it's entertaining. Perhaps that is the central mystery of the film: How can something so horrible be so AWESOME?!

Boz's hair defies both logic and taste and manages to evoke the diametrically opposed forces in early 1990's hairstyles: Thick product vs. rockin' windswept "do". Black roots juxtaposed with platinum blonde tresses hanging like a mudflap down his beefy neck while the top and sides are all "bidness" crewcut as evidenced by his ability to infiltrate both the Salsa club and the greasy biker compound.

Rent this movie and watch in rapt horror/delight as "The Boz" tears a searing hole into your heart!
So bad it's good5/10

This is one of those movies that on the face of it is bad, but it's the sort of badness you can get into and make fun of. The Boz lays waste to evil bikers left and right in an unstoppable windmill of carnage as he saves the planet and makes it a better place for fluffy bunnies everywhere. Okay, it's not *that* extreme but the body count is high and lots of stuff done get blowed up.

Many people have been commenting about how dated this movie is. I didn't think it was that far gone until I watched it again recently. When I saw it in the theatre originally I *really* liked the romantic lead, Arabella Holzbog. I thought she would go on to other movies and looked forward to seeing what else she might show up in. Sadly it seems her career largely sputtered, and watching the movie again now ten+ years later she doesn't seem as good looking, and yes 1991 was another time and another place.
This Is More Like it!8/10
Sometimes, just sometimes you see a film that rocks your world. A film that normally you wouldn't even pick off the shelf unless someone told you about it. Stone Cold is that film.

Starring man of the day Brian 'the Boz' Bosworth this low budget action vehicle is one of the most fun actioners that I have ever seen. What's right with it? In terms of your normal studio producer films … very little. The acting is poor, the script dreadful, continuity (especially the hysterically bad bike chase) is just atrocious and that's just the opening few scenes.

But this film hits where it needed to. The action. The set pieces are a by numbers low budget master class, how to make the most out of very, very little. Henrikson is a superb villain and Bosworth makes the most of his limited abilities to chew the scenery whenever it gets into his way.

As I said not a perfect film but pretty damn perfect nights entertainment.
Wonderfully over-the-top actioner5/10

STONE COLD was such a big bomb in theaters, it not only put an end to the Stone Group film company, but derailed Brian Bosworth's chance of a post-football career in theatrical movies - it was several years later when Bosworth made his next movie, which went straight to video. Though Bosworth's utterly mediocre performance probably also explained why the major studios wouldn't give him another chance. Yet the movie is utterly enjoyable all the same, because it is so relentlessly over the top in just about every department. I knew I was onto something special when someone in the first minute emptied a machine gun into a shelf of Ritz crackers! Incredibly violent (the first cut got an NC-17 rating), sleazy, and with a climax that not only must be seen to be believed, but makes you wonder just how they got permission to do so... this is a must for fans of '80s action movies. Yeah, this came out in 1991, but if RAGING BULL is considered a '70s movie in spirit, why not?