rattenfanger on 22. September 2018.
For me as VLC user. Subtitle Track Synchronization is 3.400 s and subtitle speed is 2.000 fps :)
NETkoholik on 19. September 2018.
Subtitle is slightly off, 1.2 seconds too fast. I posted a resynced version of this very same subtitle with the Chinese part, look it up on my username..
missbees on 18. September 2018.
With VLAN, just adjust the subtitle sync to 2.500 delay. This is a perfect subtitle for YTS' Skyscraper.
SpecialWeirdo101 on 19. September 2018.
My computer is fucked or I would done a better job on the sync :(
That's also why its tagged not perfect :)
BUT it have the Chinese part subbed, except the "welcoming" phrases in the beginning :(
xawai on 30. September 2018.
For me, I have to adjust it to 600 ms delay with VLC.
Anyhow, thank you for the sub SpecialWeirdo101. Much appreciated.
SpecialWeirdo101 on 19. September 2018.
Ofc :)
I don't understand Chinese so I need subs he he
jyngson on 14. September 2018.
With sub in chinese part.. :)