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Skyscraper (2018) [WEBRip] [720p] [YTS.AM]
SpecialWeirdo101 on 19. September 2018.
Actually my limited knowledge about Tagalog confirms that its not Tagalog :)
Its either Cantonese or Mandarin, which I REALLY don't understand, that's why my subs of this movie also have those.
Haven't found others with this so feel free to download it and tag it good :)
Mo2chang on 29. January 2019.
then make your own subtitle then.
Engguy on 16. September 2018.
Are you all that stupid? Do you speak Tagolog? These subtitles are NOT good at all if the ENTIRE MOVIE is not subtitled! I don't understand all of the ups this has gotten, Wake up!
KC1294 on 15. September 2018.
It's not perfect cause there no subs for Chinese spoken
shiyenna on 9. September 2018.
No subs for the chinese part :(
zeno on 8. September 2018.
still need the subs for the chinese in tne movie. thanks. perfect subtitles though.
Monte on 8. September 2018.
There is no subtitle for the part when they're speaking chinese
almady95 on 7. September 2018.
Engguy on 16. September 2018.
How is this "perfect"? They aren't complete at all!
rkillahph on 7. September 2018.
Engguy on 16. September 2018.
These subtitles are as "perferct" as your spelling..
Killer-Queen on 6. September 2018.
Thank you very much!!