Black Panther

Black Panther





argosmit on 11. August 2018.
Sincronización limpia y buena ortografía. Geniales subs, gracias.
Abhimax on 30. July 2018.
Perfect Sync for the YIFI 1080p version
defmanbogeyman on 19. July 2018.
Africans have this kind of civilisation? Rubbish. Africans were stuck in the stone age, tribalism, superstitutions for hundreds of thousands of years. Not one evidence of city-building in their lands. It's all one vast continent of tribalism warring with each ohter, always making each other slaves. Typical. smh Still same today.
PratikDhan on 12. July 2018.
Got It
PratikDhan on 12. July 2018.
Polo71 on 19. May 2018.
These subtitles don't work for me on VLC Media Player. I've looked up solutions and tried them all but nothing has worked.

If someone could help it would be much appreciated.
vaultdweller123 on 10. May 2018.
perfect sync for Black.Panther.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.AM]
mithu017 on 7. May 2018.
Thanks :)
adibnoh89 on 4. May 2018.
azeunkn0wn on 3. May 2018.
I hope there's a sub only for foreign language spoken
almady95 on 3. May 2018.
great! thnks
joshyjohn on 2. May 2018.
Got it... Thanks...!!!
commentfc on 2. May 2018.
need subtitle