Cat Shit One (2010)

Animation, Short, Action, War
Satoshi Hino, Hiroshi Tsuchida
Botasky and Packy are private contractors, working in the Middle East, with support from a distant helicopter-mobile base...
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Very unique animated short7/10
Ask me how much I loved the concept of a (relatively) serious animated war story about a bunny snipers team in the middle east that includes head shots to camel terrorists. Just that description alone should entice you to see it.

The serious approach the producers took to a story line about hardened war vets (at least Packy the spotter and leader) compared to the not-so-serious premise of 2 bunnies as the main characters. They certainly play with this juxtaposition; the team is scoping out the village to weigh their options and you see regular fluffy tails twitching, they walk through the dangerous village with those floppy feet, and a cute bunny barking orders like Sgt Rock (for the younger reader, an old comic book WWII GI).

The only criticism is that Botasky's (the sniper) dialogue are a bit weak, he should have been as hardened and confident as Packy) but you can certainly forgive that slight issue as it added to the juxtaposition.

I only wish this was longer, maybe even a regular, on-going series.
A fine piece of animated war sequence8/10
This is a short animation that details the events of an enemy encounter in a war setting. The seriousness of the situation in which the two protagonist's find themselves is juxtaposed with the delightful rendering of the characters themselves. There is drama and great action with a heightened intensity as events unfold in real time. Actions speak louder than words in this encounter and it's clear that military experience was drawn upon to make the characters and events as authentic as possible. It's an impressive piece of animation which is in stark contrast to many others due to the complete absence of any glorification of battle. The way in which these characters operate reflects the type of highly skilled people that work in this arena. It is a must watch for anyone who wonders how these soldiers work in a field they will never... ever talk about.
Surprisingly good8/10
Against what someone could expect, this animated CGI short, despite having a cast of adorable characters playing the main roles, it is not a kid's films, but it is neither a black comedy, being instead (For most part, at least) a serious action war film.

While at first the cute appearance of the two main characters seem to be a distracting factor, the story of this short, despite being too simple it is interesting enough to make this worth-watching, being well told and surprisingly effective. Also, the good quality of the animation (With expressive and appealing designs) makes this a particularly enjoyable watch.

Fortunately, here the juxtaposition of cutesy with serious or violent situations isn't something gratuitous or forced, serving merely as an stylistic choice, working very well in that aspect.
Short Entertainer............. But Lacks Punch A Little Bit7/10
The director Kazuya Sasahara made a story of 'sniper' and 'spotter' in conjunction who need to rescue the hostages.

The Character Packy(A.K.A 'Cat S*** One') is the 'shooter' and Botasky is the 'spotter'. Here they start their rescue mission and they soon spot a hostage being shot and now they ask for backup but it doesn't goes well. Now the complete rescue operation needed to be done single handedly by Packy and Botasky. Can they succeed in this operation? Then How?

Here the most comical thing is that they have chosen bunnies as 'sniper' and 'spotter' and the terrorists are camels! To my astonishment. This is where some viewers may not get the real feel they need in this type of intense incidents.

But the applaudable factor is the animation and visual effects are just amazing and enjoyable throughout and the action sequences are good. But the presence of human animated characters instead of animals would have been much better according to my view.

The dialogues are okay and the story is fine filled with good fights. The slow motion sequences are really a treat to watch. But we may get laughs due to the camel faces in some scenes.

Finally a good movie to watch. Enjoyable one.