Bad Milo (2013)

Comedy, Horror
Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Mary Kay Place, Claudia Choi
A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.
Bad Milo! sets some deliriously low expectations with its gross premise -- and then manages to match most of them in sick, entertaining style.
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Is this a practical joke?????? who made this garbage!!!! ?1/10
don't know how i ended up watching it.....

wow is it is awful. like the kind of awful that makes you think you just got tricked.

Why does the music playing in the background sound off rhythm and all wrong??

What has the movie business become?

It's like they had a $500 production budget.

seriously, Is this a practical joke?


THIS Makes me so angrry

Very Bad Milo!1/10
Unfortunately, I could not give this movie 0 stars, but awful does sum it up. The appearance of so many glowing reviews here and the fact that the rating is only 5.7 must be the result of production staff artificially raising the appeal factor of the movie by entering these ridiculous reviews online. One reviewer stated that most of the people viewing the movie "are intellectuals." If you read that review, I guess, compared to the reviewer, that statement would be correct. Of course, he could also be referring the the other members of his kindergarten class. There just is nothing good to say about this movie. A cult classic? Never. I doubt more that 10 people will ever read these reviews anyway.
Bad "Ass" Monster equals funny horror done right8/10
Bad Milo is another great example of what is right in horror comedy the last few years! Its a perfect blend of bad one liners, potty humor, heart and gore. Who would have thought that a film that teaches us about Anus Mythology, could be so awesome?! And I can't believe I am saying this about something that is borne out of a mans ass, but damn Milo is adorable. I swear by the end of the film you're going to want a Milo all of your own, poor misunderstood lil guy!

Duncan is an average good guy, living the average good guy life. He has a decent job, a good woman, and what looks like a okay life. He struggles with some tummy trouble, mom offers remedies, doctors try to help, and eventually he ends up unhappily in therapy where we can get to root of his problems. Pretty quickly this film pulls you in with a great opening scene, and then it keeps pace through the entire film, rotating between great blood soaked moments and humor sometimes mixing the two perfectly in such a disgustingly delicious way that you may feel both grossed out and ashamed for laughing at such wretchedness. You will also find yourself shocked by how much you want to hug this little ass borne, doe eyed, killing machine, i swear I even got teary at one point for the lil fellow! It was awful!, but it goes to show the amount of emotion that is in this film, not what you would expect from a story like this one.

If you haven't watched this film yet definitely add it to the list, it is a gem! The cast is made up of comedy veterans who bring this film to a whole new level of funny, and the gore is very effective with some scenes really looking incredibly good. I will definitely be pulling this one out again for years to come. It just goes to prove stress kills, but sometimes its kills the other guy!!!
Sick movie3/10
Started as kinda funny the movie turns out into a sick story telling about a guy who has a monster living in his stomach. When the guy is stressed out the monster comes out of his butt and kills people. Later the guy looses a control over the monster. To make long story short, this movie is good for copro-lovers. It is hard to tell something more about this storyline. It is not very interesting as a nova day movie, more like Gremlins from 80s, but contains adult scenes and lots of poop humor. My wife gave up watching this movie within first 30min. I watched till the end and regret of wasted time. Gave it 3 out of 10 just to support struggling actor's play
some minor laughs5/10
Duncan (Ken Marino) is chased by some mysterious horror. Then it flashes back 123 hours. He is in the doctor's office with his wife Sarah (Gillian Jacobs) with a polyp in his colon. He hates his job and his boss Phil (Patrick Warburton) is making him fire people. He has a new therapist Highsmith (Peter Stormare). His mother Beatrice (Mary Kay Place) brings her boyfriend Bobbi (Kumail Nanjiani) and a fertility doctor to dinner. He poops out a monster which kills everyone who causes him stress. He bonds with it naming it Milo.

It has some minor funny moments. Milo himself generates very few laughs. It's a little gross and very perplexing monster. I think the scene coming out in front of the therapist needs to show their connectivity more. Milo can get hurt and Duncan can get hurt in sympathy in that scene. The horror part of the movie isn't that scary. The comedy has a few good scenes. It's a B-movie that is slightly better than a butt monster ought to be.