Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Aryana Engineer
Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead.
Another predictable entry in the Resident Evil franchise that seems to get more cynical and lazy with each film.
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  • 14 Sep 2012 Released:
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  • $42.3M Box office:

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It is not even close to what you will be expecting!!3/10
I was eagerly looking forward to the 5th installment of this series and I am sorry to say that I have been really let down! Apart from the once in a while visuals, the movie has not been able to get even close to expectations. The first 10 minutes of the movie and you will start feeling disconnected from the movie already not caring at all what is gonna happen in the next scene. After resident evil 3 & 4, I was expecting a lot out of this installment and from Paul W.S. Anderson but he has not been able to live up the mark at all. The action scenes rather than being nail-biting, turned out to be hilarious and funny. There isn't a single moment in the movie where you are actually glued to screen. Milla Jovovich looks pretty as always, but that won't save the movie. All others have done a horrible job with their acting, especially Sienna Guillory. I would say that the only reason you would want to watch this movie is if you are a fan of the resident evil series and you don't mind wasting your money and time for the sake of this series.
Absolute crap1/10
I really liked the first ResEvil movie, and I've been going along with them ever since, but this is the end of the line for me. This movie was a total waste of time and money. There's no plot, just a situation that Alice has to fight her way out of. There are some good stunts but nothing we haven't seen before. Most of the action is just ridiculous...bad guys that don't die, guns that don't run out of ammo, characters that can be interchangeably good or evil at the whim of the scriptwriter. It's like a five-year-old playing with toy soldiers. The actors are so wooden, and look so plastic that I honestly couldn't tell if they were CGI creations or actual human beings.

Milla and her husband should be ashamed of themselves.
WTF Happened? Watch and judge for yourself - But don't waste too much on it1/10
I was doing a small Resident Evil movie marathon in preparation for seeing this movie, and I was really looking forward to see how they could save the ending of the fourth one - But I was quite hopeful that I would at least get a good action story with an acceptable plot. That have been true for all the others in the series so why not this one.

Well was I in for a rude awakening. Honestly if you enjoyed all the former movies and you consider them "part of their own story" meaning that your pretty much ignoring the video games when watching the movies then you'll find yourself even more amazed by how terrible this movie is.

I will not go into details of the plot as others have done that and perfectly expressed the errors in it (I am of course referring to those more negative reviews you'll find as most of the very positive ones doesn't really put a lot of effort into mentioning it.. mayhap because even they would have trouble claiming it to be a good movie then ;)) But I can easily say that the main problems with this movie is: The plot and the acting. Thats not a good thing for a movie and trust me it shows. The plot has some vague references to the former movie, but thats quickly forgotten and all your in for is a mess of action scenes and bad (and I mean bad) CGI effects. Somehow the actors manage to look not in the least interested in the gun fights they are in and at the same time removing any sense that they are in fact what they appear to be (used to handling weapons..), there is odd alien references.. or perhaps stolen ideas which makes no sense in the places they are used and the whole shitstorm will end with you sitting back confused as to what you just watched and with anger due to the disappointment of what this could have been.

I personally will not count this as part of the series, I'll count it as the series failed little-brother rip-off that should never ever have been made.

I cannot in any situation recommend this movie.. by far the most disappointing, meaningless and confounded mess I ever saw.
The extreme worst of all Resident Evil series1/10
I love Resident Evil series. Despite the mediocre reviews it gets in the past, I still go to the cinema on its release and always looking forward for the next sequel.

But RE5 fails beyond believe. The storyline is utterly crap. The action are cheesy, the actors are cheesy, the whole movie is a joke to the RE series. I am completely disappointed at how the whole movie turns out to be.

*spoiler alert* The whole movie is set on one giant Umbrella underwater laboratory and Alice and friends is trying to break out of it. Along the way they encounter some zombies and finally got out. And that's literally about the summary of the whole story!

They try to use music to intensify everything.. but it becomes very cheesy. Especially towards the end before the final fight when Jill walks out of the submarine.

The Red Queen is total crap. Cheesy, stupid..

The fighting scene itself is very cheesy and unrealistic. They hardly get hit by a bullet even when they were standing in open view. But it seems like their bullet always managed to hit the enemy. Even the one bullet that hit Alice, didn't even do her much harm. What a load of crap.

At the final fight, it was obvious some of them had had their bones cracked. But they were still standing and fighting as if their bone is not really a necessary part of their body. They look pretty healthy for someone with broken bone!

When Alice beats Jill.. it was so obvious from the beginning that that's what needs to be done. But the scriptwriter must've made Alice so dumb that she did not realize that from the beginning. Sadly, the viewers are not as dumb as the scriptwriter.

And on the final scene when Leon touches Ada's thigh.. THATS AS CHEESIEST AS IT COULD GET! I could almost cry looking at that scene. What the f... *sigh*

I apologize for using a lot of "cheesy" word in my review. But it is exactly how I feel when I see it. It's like a bunch of amateurs movie makers trying to make action movie.

All in all, I wouldn't even rate it 5 for effort. Its a total lazy movie writing. I still want to see RE6, but I seriously hope they do not FAIL as big as this one.

What a load of crap this movie is.
A 2 hour video game cut scene5/10
Not sure if this movie is only for videogamers, but I can't see anyone else caring to sit through it. The movie made it quite clear, early on, that there would be no complicated plot lines or character development. And the dialogue was equally simplistic. The lines sounded something like this - go to the 3rd mountain and collect 20 coins and 3 golden power boosters. One quickly sensed this was not a movie at all, rather a simple video game cut scene. Also problematical were the incredibly goofy scenes with thousands of bullets aimed point blank at the heroes and all of them missing. It just takes all of the fun out of a movie when there is absolutely no sense of danger to the heroes.

On the plus side, the action sequences were very well shot and the cgi was first class. That said, it just wasn't enough to make this reviewer glad to be sitting in the audience